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Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Recap

So, I watched the Oscars last night.  I thought Jennifer Lawrence was adorable, especially when she fell.  She truly seems to be a normal-ish person and her interviews reflect that.  In one interview, a reporter asked her what happened and why she fell.  Her response was, "Do you see this dress? That's why I fell."  Her interaction with Jack Nicholson was amazing also. I also liked her dress and hair/makeup, but I don't feel like it was that special.  The dress she wore to the afterparty is another story -- I love it:

I am now obsessed with Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber.  She looked flawless in both of the looks I saw - hair and makeup are perfection --

My other favorite fashionable couple -- 

I thought Maria's hair was fresh and adorable.  Her dress is one of the only colorful dresses in the sea of neturals, which is nice.  It also shows off her rockin' bod. 

Did you watch? Who were your faves?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Old Navy's Blogger Marketing is Effective

I posted about J.Crew's new arrivals a few weeks ago and fell in love with these blouses:

If you hadn't noticed, a bunch of bloggers (A Piece of Toast,  Gal Meets GlamJill's Good Life, Damsel in Dior, etc) had Old Navy inspired sponsored posts this week, so I found myself browsing their website.  I guess I am the target audience?  I found this shirt and decided to try it out -- I mean, for only $15, why not??

Fashion Friday

I have never been a huge Kristin Cavallari fan (Team Conrad, duh - do you think that is our generations' Team Anniston vs. Jolie?) but I do think she has been killing it with her style in the past few years.  I pinned this photo a long time ago, and recently decided that I wanted to copy her look for a Friday at work (when we can wear jeans -- woohoo):

I know that I should post a photo of myself in my version of her look, but iPhone selfies in the bathroom at work are not the best quality.  I need to work on getting a photographer up in here.  Here's my recreation via Polyvore:

Have people generally gotten over Kristin's annoying persona from the Hills or do you still hold a grudge? 

Absolutely Capey

I pinned this girl a few days ago, and this photo has been all over the internet.  It was apparently taken at the Burberry Prossum show.  Maybe I am the only one who didn't know who she was, but I just assumed she was a fashionista, a la Olivia Palermo.  Apparently, she is a British actress named Gabriella Wilde.

Regardless, I agree this look is perfection.  The distressed jeans with the navy cape (!!) and white button down.  The simple hair and makeup with the pop of pink.  It's all so simple but looks so elegant.  What do you think of the look?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working On My Fitness

I have always been active. I played tons of sports when I was growing up and played sports for my school through my senior year of high school.  When I went to college, I started going to the gym and doing the typical thing most girls do -- elliptical, treadmill, some crazy buns of steel classes, spinning, etc.  When I was a junior in college, I started doing pilates at a Romana trained studio.  I fell in love and was went religiously for the next five years.  During law school, I was a "runner" for about six months.  And by "runner," I mean I could run five miles and actually enjoy it.

When I started working, pilates classes and sessions failed to mesh with my schedule (I can't leave at 5 everyday to go workout - my boss would laugh).  In addition to the elliptical and spinning, I started checking out Pure Barre, which is a combination of pilates, aerobics and intense toning exercises that you do at a ballet barre.  It is great for toning, but I am not convinced that it burns that many calories.  I bought my husband a heart rate monitor for Christmas, and he is obsessed.  I decided to get one for myself to determine how many calories these classes actually burn.  I decided on the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor.

I have also started running again -- it is a slow process for me, but some hot workout gear could get me psyched about running again.  Here's what I have in mind:

These pants are the best.  I have them in black and grey but think that a bright blue might make pulling them out of the drawer at 5:30 AM a little more fun.  Maybe? Probably not, but I still like them.

How fun is this tank top?? One of my pet peeves when I am running is when my tops stick to me.  I guess women who have rock hard abs don't have that problem, but I like a roomy top.  

I have always been a strictly Nike Road Race shorts type of girl, but I think I could get behind these shorts.

I've never heard of Lole before, but this top is pretty great.

No Limits Tank is great for yoga or any type of activity where you might take an inverted pose.  The elastic band on the bottom keeps the shirt from riding up.  There are some cute cut outs under the built-in bra, which add some interest and let the air circulate (which is amazing when your yoga studio doesn't have AC).  I have one color but would love to add another to the list.

I apologize for my apparent obsession with Lululemon.  I promise I have tons of workout clothes by Nike and others, but clearly my eyes are all about Lulu right now.  Zella is another promising brand that mimics Lululemon's designs, with a cheaper price tag.  I have a pair of their leggings and would recommend them to everyone.  What is your favorite workout gear?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day has never been a big holiday for me.  I don't like going out to eat at my favorite restaurants and having to order from a price fixe menu that is never very good.  My husband and I have always opted to stay in and cook dinner and then have a celebratory valentine's day dinner another night.  We traveled to North Carolina last week and celebrated dinner at Game Keeper's Tavern in Sapphire, North Carolina last week.  It was delicious and very romantic.

We don't really buy presents for Valentine's Day either, mainly for the reason that my husband proposed to me a week after Valentine's Day, so all my present karma went there that year.  And now our anniversary is only a month away, so I am fine with forgoing a present.  However, I would not turn down these Valentino pumps --

They are amazing.  Tonight, we are going to make a pizza (if you buy the raw dough from Whole Foods, it makes the entire experience very easy) and drink some wine.  Maybe catch up on some television.  We are halfway through the Netflix show House of Cards and I am seriously obsessed.  It's a political drama, but doesn't really deal with policy (so I think its pretty bipartisan).  I highly recommend it.

What are y'alls feelings on Valentine's Day?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedge Sneakers

I am conflicted by the wedge sneaker trend.  When I first saw celebrities and fashionistas in the above Isabel Marant sneakers or the Ash version, I thought they were hideous.  However, some of my favorite bloggers have been wearing them and look adorable.  

 (Photo from Cheetah is New Black)

(Photo from The Londoner)

I also saw them all over the place in NYC.  I think my favorite look was black suede sneakers and leather leggings.  I can't tell if I am just getting used to them or if I actually like them.  I understand the appeal of comfortable and snow appropriate shoes in a place like NYC or London or another city where you need shoes with rubber soles (for snow/ice) and are sick of Hunters.  If I ever bit the bullet, I would start with a neutral and budget friendly pair like these Steve Madden sneakers.  Living in a place that is less receptive to trends, I don't think I could ever pull them off (i.e. my husband would make fun of me).  I will stick to the duck boot if I get sick of my Hunters, just like my bestie, who was inspired by one of my our favorite bloggers --

Do you rock the wedge sneakers or do you stick to more traditional cold weather gear?